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Correct me if I am wrong, but the increased amperage/arcing time (due to the fact that previous nimh batteries did not always provide enough current to the motors to operate at their 100%) causes the contacts to "burn" quicker. This is specially true in my case because I mostly do semi-auto shots. Also, for quick-firing in semi auto the gearbox sometimes can't keep up and jams. This was back when I used a stock Classic Army AUG in 2010, so perhaps lipo-ready AEG's don't have this issue. I know that MOSFETs do fix most of these issues.
Honestly, at these low voltages and current there isn't much to tell between the performance (when fully charged). Keep in mind that current isn't really "pushed", it's "pulled" by the motor. The biggest draw to lipos is that they have a much flatter discharge curve and for the same capacity they are much lighter. So for a given weight and size the lipo will perform longer and more consistently.
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