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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
AEGs CAN suffer joule creep, but it is rare and not nearly as extreme. It's unlikely to be an issue. As for other platforms, such as HPA, think of it like this; there's a safe joule limit, which is equal to the FPS versus BB weight chrono'd with, if your gun goes over for any reason, then you are over limits. Some GBBRs can swing 10 - 80 FPS, add that to joule creep from higher weight BBs and there's a serious problem. You, as the player, are 100% responsible for your gun and to make sure your gun stays within the safety rules at all times. Joule wasn't as common as GBBRs are/were all over the place. All HPA units I have seen suffer from it very consistently, though they don't temp swing as much. Same as temp swing is common in GBBRs, but joule creep is unstable in some units.

If a field has X as their joule limit, then that's the limit period. You can't come out and go "oh well, my gun just doesn't behave itself" or "I have no idea what my gun will fire or how it will react, I guess I'll test it on all of your faces".
So GBBR's aren't reliable enough to be "joule creep" safe. I guess it does make sense. It makes me wonder why people use GBBR's more now than before, because like you said, aside from their realistic advantages, they could be a real issue on the field.
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