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Originally Posted by gmds44 View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but the increased amperage/arcing time (due to the fact that previous nimh batteries did not always provide enough current to the motors to operate at their 100%) causes the contacts to "burn" quicker. This is specially true in my case because I mostly do semi-auto shots. Also, for quick-firing in semi auto the gearbox sometimes can't keep up and jams. This was back when I used a stock Classic Army AUG in 2010, so perhaps lipo-ready AEG's don't have this issue. I know that MOSFETs do fix most of these issues.
I've burnt more contacts with NiCad than I have with Lipos

Been running a 7.4 lipo in my bone stock TM P90 for about 5 or 6 years now with no issues, even on those RockNRoll times with the box mag adaptor installed. If a 16+ year old never cracked TM gearbox can handle it you should be safe unless your manufacture went super cheap on material quality. It's not a question of Lipo ready, it more about buying quality first.

BB Bastard is still alive and the #1 choice for the majority of players still that have access to them, unfortunately a lot of retailers have gone with the rebrand super cheap large margin brands to put more $$ in their pockets hence why you see so many other brands (those cheap companies will stick anyone's labelling on those bottles).
I still primarily run .20 and .25 weight BB's in my rifles, .28 in my pistols. I keep 1 mag of .36 for those who do not call hits in my side pouch if needed.

For your HPA question there are those who live by them and those who do not. I'm tempted to get one, but like mentioned above I have TM's who are virgin boxes still running strong and outshooting the HPA/P*/PTW's it has gone up against so the temptation is not strong, more of a curiosity for a project build.
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