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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
Think it depends where you play.

At least out in Toronto it's 0.20 or 0.25 only for indoors. Outdoors anything goes, as long as it meets the FPS/Joule requirement.

HPA here imo is pretty popular, alot of Polar Star, Tippmann user, and occasional Daytona Gun.

p.s. also harder to import guns now, assuming 5 years ago was before the 366-400 FPS rule with CBSA.

Asian companies are still sketch, they'll do as you ask, reduce invoice, and go as far as a different company name, "Kitchen wares" LMAO.
When I left airsoft there was a "new way" to import airsoft guns and it required them to be specifically within the FPS rule you mentionned I think, so yeah. Does this mean that if manufacturers chose not to make "canadian compliant" versions of their guns, we can't import them?
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