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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Lot's has changed.

- Lipos are 100% better and a fraction of the price.

- HPA has added some neat gun consistency, but carrying a tank and dedicated line around suck, also severe joule creep and FPS issues are getting them banned at certain fields. Or just putting holes in people's faces.

- Bio BB's are becoming the norm, but it really comes down to field requirements. There's several good or adequate brands of Bio rounds available.

- BB Bastard still has stock issues, but is still the highest quality product in my opinion.

- People don't typically run 0.25g anymore. 0.28g is the gold standard and has been for many years, but 0.30g and 0.32g are becoming more common. Basically, you want to run the heaviest weight BB your gun can fire effectively. Hop-up, FPS, stability and round delivery time will play a factor.

- There are way more GBBRs out there than there used to be. The only good reason to own one though is the kick and bang you get with them. They are still plagued with heat issues, cold issues, seal issues, maintenance issues, high cost mags and parts issues, joule creep and temperature swing issues, and you need to carry a dump truck worth of gas cans to match what a few lipos can do.

- There are way more players, groups and fields.
Glad Bios are becoming more popular! It is about time
As for joule creeps, this can be done with AEG's too with a short barrel and a correct piston compression pattern combination.
If I were to use a GBBR (say an MP7) that shoots ~400fps with .20's but I decided to use .30's or heavier bb's for better accuracy, would I be flagged as a joule creep? Could I get in trouble for doing so? I would be getting a higher muzzle energy output for sure. Nobody seemed to care much (back in 2010) anyway.

The one thing I praise GBBR's for is their ability to adjust their muzzle velocity quite easily (with an NPAS or a whole bolt change in the case of an MP7). So I could use the same gun for CQB and outdoors without having to open a gearbox to swap the spring. AFAIK only few AEG's do this, ICS and Systema PTW, the former being too cheap in my opinion and the latter being extremely expensive.
Never mind, apparently G&G now have split box design too

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