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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
- More brands, but top tier are still - TM, GHK, VFC.
- Bastards are alive, as mentioned
- .25 are the norm for me, for indoors. - .3+ for out doors.
- Bio bbs are mandatory on outdoor fields (most) - I used Bioval, think some use bbbastards, but they don't make heavy weight bios (.3)
- GBBR are widely used still, at least for CQB.
- Fields in Toronto have 380 FPS for indoor cqb, some have 400 FPS. - No mercy rule.

Terms of GBBR:
GHK M4's are the best performance on the current market - imo.

WE just released a P90 GBBR - aswell as TM just released their new GBBR M4 (Cerakoted).

RHOP is a big thing now, BTC Spectres V2 are a big thing now.

TM is also making an AEG AA12 - that shoots 3 shots simultaneously w/ different adjustable hop ups.
That looks very interesting indeed. I am guessing it is night and day compared to regular hopup units? Do they come standard on some guns? Or is it a diy upgrade?
Those BTC spectres are very expensive! It is probably why I will stick to GBBRs, AEG's just seem like a money pit

I guess I will be buying bio-bbs only then!
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