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Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of airsoft!
The first few things you need to know when starting up this hobby/lifestyle are:
1. It's expensive
2. Getting age verified on this forum is a great idea
3. Do LOTS of research on Youtube, Google and with the search function on this forum

The things you MUST bring to an airsoft game are a gun (preferably an AEG for new players), a battery for that gun, a smart charger for that battery, high grade BB's from an actual airsoft store (none of that Walmart or Canadian Tire crap unless you want to break your gun), and of course, eye/face protection.

Before making a single purchase, I highly recommend renting equipment and seeing if you even like the sport. You don't want to spend $500+ and then find out it's not for you. Doing this will also allow you to see what equipment you want to buy for yourself. I personally made the mistake of buying stuff before playing airsoft, and when I went to my first game, I realized that I would have to replace a few things that I bought.

Though some people may say otherwise, I think full face masks are lame. They usually fog very easily, they offer minimal head protection (I have been shot in the top of the head, where masks don't usually reach, and they don't protect the back of your head either), they make it really hard to get ear gear, and your customization/sizing options are limited.

Every field I've been to/looked at has only required the full-seal eye protection for adults (with varying requirements for minors).

My personal choice for a starting setup would be:
- Full seal (NOT MESH!) goggles
- Mesh mouth+ear protection (you do not want to lose a tooth and I've heard getting shot in the ear hurts like crazy)
- Helmet (even a bike helmet will do for your first few games, getting shot in the head is the worst pain I've experienced in airsoft so far)
- PADDED gloves (my first pair of gloves were not padded, I ended up getting shot in the fingers and knuckles 5+ times on my first day. Didn't play airsoft again until I got padded ones)
- Boots with good ankle support
- A scarf or some other form of neck protection
- An AEG + compatible battery + compatible SMART charger (DO NOT use standard wall chargers that sometimes come with your gun. They will destroy your battery!)
- 0.20g BB's

When selecting your first AEG, the best option is an M4 of some kind. M4's have the most customization options, the most replacement/upgrade parts available on the market, and are very effective in almost any scenario (unless you get a super duper long one). For prices, I have been told never to buy cheaper than $250, and to aim for at least $350 AEG's. In airsoft you get what you pay for. You should also consider what you intend to do with your gun. Do you want to put accessories like red dot sights, scopes, flashlights, lasers, grenade launchers, grips, bipods, etc. on it? Do you want it to have a folding and/or extending stock? Do you want the burst-fire option?

Now, I can't tell you WHERE to get these guns, since you are not age verified yet, which is a good reason for why you should go through the age verification process.

All the best!

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