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Question Starting up - need some tips

So, me, a 21 year old guy and a few of my friends decided recently that we would like to get together and try out airsoft. We've all done paintball before in the past, but we'd like to give a go at something (based on what we've gathered) more mature.

I'm not really sure where we/I should begin.

I'm from the Sarnia, Ontario area and I am looking for fields in the area. We've done some quick searches and have found a couple fields in London, ON. But we're curious if there is something a little closer. Basically, I'm asking if there were maybe some little known fields closer to our location. If not, London is fine, it's not a huge issue for us to go there.

Second thing is, what exactly would we need to get started, besides the obvious, an airsoft gun. From my understanding, different fields have different rules on fps, protection, etc. So, I've been hesitant on purchasing anything, in fear of buying things i won't need or can't use. Money isn't a huge problem, but since we're just starting out I'd like a list of things that would be necessary vs things I may need later on, but not necessarily right away.

Anyways, any and all help would be appreciated.



One last thing, I'll probably be purchasing a gun from Forest City Surplus, in London.. This is a link to their current stock, if you could take a look at what they have, and what you may suggest as a good first gun. That would be awesome.

Again, thanks.

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