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your first issue was going to milsig. Terrible retailer. Fringe Firearms did a quick google search found a US based firearms training center and an unknown retailer from ontario.

Lets assume its the retailer. A few issues I'd have that throw up some red flags.

No location, call back number, no official way outside their website to reach them.

A real firearms store that sells PTS quality items? I know allot of the PTS stuff is really good for airsoft stuff and a fair bit of it has been CLAIMED to be as good as its real counterparts but if it goes on a real gun, stick to real parts. A firearms store should not be selling airsoft gear, and labelling it or promoting it as anything but. I still believe PTS does not have the same QC as US built magpul products. Even the 'made in china' part is a smaller font.

Very little stock, wearhouse operation, no given address. If you just want to order a couple of things? its your money. I'd want to steer clear.
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