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Originally Posted by Curo View Post
I fill mine with silicone oil laced propane, which is just green gas.

1. You should always be adding Silicone oil to your propane (An airsoft innovations Gas kit says 2 drops every 10 mags, its really easy.)

2. I store mine full, and I leave them inside at room temperature.

3. I never leave BBs in my mags between games, also if you use Bio BBs make sure you replace them with fresh BBs.

4. Stop wasting money on green gas, buy propane, add silicone oil, ??????, spend less.
Too much silicone oil in your propane cause your GBB rubber to swell. I advise to limit your drops. If you lube well before hand, you don't need to add oil into your propane.

Personal preference and my experience.
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