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Originally Posted by Curo View Post
FIXED. You joined last month, 2 months couldn't have passed for you.

Welcome to ASC, and yes you should get age verified and it often takes around 2 weeks to do and opens up this sites classifieds which often source some nice deals. On things like real steel gear or well built Airsoft guns.

Any questions feel free to ask.

EDIT: Noticed your from the USA. Not sure about getting Age verified here as any deals we get the US has better ones. Even more so with our silly Canadian Dollar atm. But this forums are filled with people passionate about the sport so this is excellent place to source information.
I was literally told by my AV'er that a person who has been waiting for over a month still hasn't been AV'd and I have seen people complain that they have been waiting for 2 months and still haven't got AV status. I wasn't complaining that it takes so long, I wasn't talking about my own experience, I was saying what I was told to expect.

Edit: I told him to do the smartest possible thing for someone who wants to get into airsoft through this website, though I didn't see that he was in the US. For some reason, people assume I was complaining though?

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