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x 999999999

EDIT: @OP : How are you age verified and don't know?
Oh I'm just double-checking. Ever since the laws have been mended that allows us to bring in AEGs with ease, it's almost too easy to forget that most of us have pistols and those don't actually benefit from the new law. However it's either you don't ask and presume and hope you're not wrong, or ask once and know for a fact forever, and I decided the latter is probably beneficial also for anyone coming this way to find out the same information as me, if ever, in the future. At the same time of course I'm also proposing that this is implying to be wary of bringing your pistols out of the country and thinking you can bring it back just because you can do that with AEG successfully without issues.

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It's all the same for import. Stock TM pistols don't shoot over 366 FPS.
Thanks! And I wonder if it's even possible to upgrade the pistols at all(which I believe can't)
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