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As this is the month to Remember our fallen soldiers who have given so much for this country its time to raise some money for Many to One.

With that its name change charity time. Since its a pain in the ass to change your annoying name of 3lit3-SnipperSnapper32ZOMGWTFBBQ this year and any event further will be $25 all of which goes to charity.

If you fail to follow any of these instructions you will be out $25 as there is no refunds and will be expected to RTFM(Read the F**king Manual).

1. Payment of $25 can be made through EMT to with the password being airsoft
2. Do not post in this thread unless money is already sent to me. This thread will only serve to organize who has paid and for me to display your shame if you cock up these instructions.
3. Do not PM me
4. Go here and check if your username is already taken
5. If your username is already taken and the person has 0 posts and hasn't logged on in a few years and you absolutely need BarbieGirl instead of Barbie_Girl or any other reasonable variation of it you can EMT $40 for the annoyance of changing one username and then changing it to yours. Its all for charity you cheap bastards so don't complain.
6. When you post in this thread the format goes like this EMT'd desired username. So if I were to do it it would be EMT'd Master_of_the_Universe . If your desired username is taken note it here by adding already in use 0 posts so I know.
7. Read everything above and follow it to the word. I am feeling extra vindictive for failures to follow directions this year.

Names Changed
airsoftsoldier250 to Nimble
Wall of Shame

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