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I think a little differently than everyone here, but ill elaborate.

If you want to get playing right away and want camo/a rig/gun then heres a solid option set

1. Set of woodland BDU's woodland is cheap, plentiful and effective. Traditional US Woodland still looks cool on everything from everyday troops to Special forces.
2. A boonie hat (seriously, this or a cap, keeps the sun off you and keeps you cool)
3. A set of googles that you like. Revision is a top notch brand and makes all kinds of fits. I wear either my contacts or revision with the Rx Carrier.
4.A chest rig/or carrier of your choice, rigs are generally cheaper.
With woodland wear either OD or tan. I prefer tan here but it all works
5. pouches
6. Good boots
7.Hydration, canteen w/pouch, water bottle in mag pouch, hydration w/ bladder it doesnt matter this is the most important thing.

You can play with less but this is what id recommend.

Woodland BDU top, bottom, boonie hat.
Good pair of hiking boots/miltary boots, either works.
Chest Rig or Carrier, i recommend the rig though. MOLLE (Or pattern 82 webbing)
Start with 4 mid caps, 1 in the gun, 3 in pouches.
Hydration bladder. (you can use a canteen or water bottle though up to you.
Revision Eye Pro

Woodland set? 70-100 bucks easy
Chest Rig 50-100 (with pouches)
Hydro, depends expect 30ish though
Eye Pro, revision is 100, best there is though, you can go with other rated brands for cheaper, just make sure full seal and ANSI rated.
Boots? 100
Gun+4 mid caps.

Remember allot of the guys running real steel gear or high quality clone stuff, acquired it over the years and after trying out different stuff, dont ever think you need to get everything at once. Oh and try to stick to patternless gear makes it easier playing for a different coloured team. I switched from multicam everything to solid tan gear with multicam or Cadpat BDUs

EDIT: Basically take your time choosing gear, and remember you dont need to be kitted out the same for a skrimash as you do a milsim. Milsims may require specific BDU or have other requirements. And often require you to carry more gear, youll learn what this is and how to, with experience.
What about a set for CQB? Would there be any differences? And what would you recommend as a second gun that could work in both woodland and CQB? Ive been looking at the Umarex licensed G36c, the APS UAR and the Magpul PTS PDR-C.

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