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Originally Posted by Curo View Post
Woodland set? 70-100 bucks easy
Chest Rig 50-100 (with pouches)
Hydro, depends expect 30ish though
Eye Pro, revision is 100, best there is though, you can go with other rated brands for cheaper, just make sure full seal and ANSI rated.
Boots? 100
Gun+4 mid caps.
For eye pro if you are willing to do your research you can try to buy surplus goggles on ebay, they can go for about 20-50$ last time I checked. But you have to do your research and make sure its real surplus and not chinese copies disguised as surplus.

Revision eye pro do not allow you to wear any glasses under any of their products you either have to wear contacts or use their Rx prescription insert. The only goggles I know of off hand that fit over glasses are ESS Land ops.
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