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11.1V Lipo And 25A 250V fuse

Okay I Have a VFC M16 AEG, Now I have only run the gun on 7.4v 1200 cell lipo batteries since I got it. Now I do have a 11.1v 1200 cell lipo I got with another gun in a deal.

I know mosfets are recommended when using 11.1V batteries. However the m16 does have a fuse set up in the rear wire harness with a 25A 250V fuse in it.

Is this set up good enough to ensure I don't kill my gun if I choose to run the gun with a 11.1v in it for a day? I am planning to mosfet the gun in the future but would like to know is this is acceptable to run a 11.1 for a game day without frying anything.

any information appreciated
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