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it really need to play ONCE so you have an idea what you need..
any replica PC would condor gear..(i personally have good exp with this brand)
youhave to figure out what KIND of PC you want to run.
I had like 3 PCs, but now i'm just running around with a battle belt because I figured out what I do often in games..I don't need a PC...they rather slow me down alot

pouches - M4, depends on what you like again. open top pouch? closed velcro pouch? are you going to run a radio? pistol mag pouch on the chest or not? pistol holster on your chest or leg or hip? nobody can help you much tbh..

BDU - I don't run these, so no comment.

Good ankle support boots, good airsoft rated eye protection

oh right, make sure you know what color you want to go with...
OD, Tan, or other camo patterns before youbuy any gear....
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