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In all honesty I would stick with airsoft replica gear for now. Basic gear.

Start with a chest rig and play some games. Take a look at what other people are using and what you think would work for you.

You ultimately need to design your gear around your play style, and you won't know what that is until you start playing.

I'd say start with replica gear first because it took me nearly three years to find a setup I liked before diving in and dropping a grand on legit gear. Keep in mind depending on how serious you play you will be looking at a plate carrier or chest rig setup; both if you are going to be doing lots of MILSIM or changing between outdoor and indoor play (bulky plate carriers, while cool, aren't good in the woods for a long duration). Then you are looking at a belt line setup, possible drop leg setups (if that's your thing), and then head gear. Then you have pouches to buy, and all the other accessories you still don't have.

It's a process, it takes a long time, and it costs lots of money. Welcome to airsoft.
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