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I ordered a bunch of stuff once which included 6 GBB mags. The seller didn't package properly and there was not enough tape to securely keep the box closed. The tape was loose at a couple of points and considering how heavy these mags are the assumption is that 2 of them rattled around during handling and fell out. In the end, still the sellers fault for not properly packaging.
My parcel wasn't a box, but it should have been. Instead it was a 12x9 padded and sealed envelope - hardly enough to secure 8 separate kits. Give it a look and shake it like a xmas present, and anyone would be skeptical. Just as others have pointed out, the parcel wasn't tampered with. And so the fault lies with the shipper. With the price I paid for those upgrades, I get something underwhelming. I contacted the shipper but they still haven't answered. It could be the time zone and their store hours, but I'll give them the rest of this day before I open a PayPal dispute.
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