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Originally Posted by Handsonic View Post
Hi again guys, I have a few more questions I would really like answered. I already checked google and didn't find the answers I was looking for. I recently got the Eotech 552 (replica, of course) and am looking for a good sight protector for it. The ones that go on the rails don't properly protect this sight because it has a big battery compartment so the protector would have to be way up at the front of the gun and any diagonal shot could easily hit the sight's glass. I saw that there are specific protectors for these sights on evike and torontoairsoft, but I read the reviews and they said those protectors warp your vision. Can any of you guys confirm/deny that? Is the kill flash for the Eotech any good? I've only seen pictures of it and no videos. What about custom made protectors? Are there any places that do that or would I have to go to home depot and get the lexan (or some other material) myself? How would I even measure/cut the stuff? What should I do regarding a sight protector if I shouldn't get the one that supposedly warps your line of sight?

Clearly, you guys can see I'm not very handy, so every little detail really helps! Thank you!!

I made a thread about this in the accessories discussion forum.

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