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Originally Posted by Demogorgon View Post
Thanks, that helps a bit. Is VFC that much better? I guess what I really should have asked is how good is the G&G Raider and what should I save up for as my second AEG?
G&G CM are all pretty will last a long time if you treat them good...
(like no 11.1v lipo, maybe some reshim, re lube..)
if you like AR platform..then i'd say save up for a VFC, they are much nicer...

thing about VFC is that I don't own one, I only have heard good things about them. I personally can't bring myself to spend 400 dollars for one thing in a expensive hobby that I only have time to play maybe once every 2 months.., I just can't justify it in my mind. But if you have the budget then go for it.
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