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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post my exp with cyma is good.
only thing is if you are looking for a metal body, CYMA might not be the one to go for...their metal is crap..not sure about that M4, but the MP5 from CYMA has really crap metal. I used a magnet and it barely sticks..the mp5 was really heavy too..same weight as my KA M4 with all the metal accessories attached...(metal RIS, peq + lipo, full metal acog style scope)

But for the functionally I think CYMA is just fine. Although I prefer KA with that amount of money...or just add another 150ish to get a VFC...
Thanks, that helps a bit. Is VFC that much better? I guess what I really should have asked is how good is the G&G Raider and what should I save up for as my second AEG?
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