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Talking Love the AEP!

I've had my TM G18 AEP for 10ish years now, and still prefer to to any GBB... Here's why: the mags are small, light and cheap. at $11ish for an AEP vs $30-$50 for one GBB mag, I can get 3-5 AEP mags for ONE GBB mag. since they're cheap, if I lose one it's not such a big deal... I like that they're small, (for some this is a deal breaker) I can fit 3x in a pistol mag pouch vs one GBB. I like that it is under powered, let me clarify. to me a pistol is a back-up/ close weapon, my rifile shoots at 340fps, and my AEP shoots at 220fps. A lot of pistols are over 350fps, sure you get more range, but accuracy isn't great, and close up at that fps or more you're going to draw blood, and make enemies... just saying... If getting close isn't for you, and you may as well just buy an AEG... Lastly, I like that it works... (novel, I know) I've had (m93r, and a desert eagle) and seen so many GBBs/GBBRs that have; leaky mags, sticky parts, ran out of whatever gas, or under-performed due to cold weather... the realism of the GBBs is un-parallelled for sure, but I would rather have it work, than look cool, function like the real one, and sometimes work... if the conditions are right... and I have a full tank of propane/ green gas... and that mag is still good... you get the point...

I should say though I have upgraded my spring, and am running a lipo, and put in a mosfet into it... it is a nice pistol...
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