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Originally Posted by Handsonic View Post
Do full seal goggles break easily? I've already been shot in the goggle once and was immediately scared it would crack, those bb's make a hella loud noise on impact.

Whats the difference between a plate carrier and tactical vest? Which should I go for?

What are the absolute must-haves for a chest rig? I'm assuming mag pouches and a dump pouch are in that list, right?

I currently have gloves with no protective materials on them, theyre just gloves. After being shot in the hand several times I realized that I need to get better ones. What would you guys recommend? I have been shot in the joint on the pinky and middle finger and it hurts like a bitch so simple knuckles guards wouldn't suffice for me, it would have to be full finger protection.
Goggling should be able to get most of your answers, especially the simple ones like difference between plate carriers and tactical vests, or glove recommendations.

Practically speaking full seal goggles if they are rated to ANSI Z87.1, they should be able to withstand an impact of about 3 Joules. This is why you buy proven name brands that can back up their safety rating not some nameless chinese knockoff that could just stamp anything with ANSI Z87.1.

This thread talks about eye protection

For comparison sake an airsoft gun shooting a .2 g bb at 420 FPS (which is about the maximum limit for an AEG) is about 1.6 Joules. So almost double the protection, and that is only at the muzzle of the airsoft gun, the bb will lose energy over its flight path.

Plate carriers to me mean a vest with molle straps, that have a provision for an armor plate in the middle, that requires you to buy the pouches and pockets separately. Tactical vests have set pockets and pouches to use, and cannot be customized.

At a minimum you could get by with about 4-6 Magazine pouches somewhere on your body if you use midcaps, or even just 1 if you use a hi cap. Dump pouches aren't necessary since you could easily just reload back into the magazine pouch the magazine came from.

Gloves with some protection backing; only ones I know of off hand are the Mechanix M-Pact series, it has some finger protection with out losing too much dexterity and has reinforced palm protection.
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