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Newbie Needing Help Gearing Up

Hi, I'm pretty new to airsoft. Only ever played some ~10 games and they were all in 1 day (15 mins each game, indoor CQB). I recently bought a gun, mask, goggles, gloves, smart charger, battery, etc. I was hoping you guys could tell me what I could expect in terms of performance and life expectency of my stuff as well as help me build a chest rig. In that 1 session of airsofting I almost immediately learned that sweat pants pockets do not do a good job of holding magazines, barrel covers, or side arms.

So yeah, my gun is the Ares Amoeba AM 008. I saw a big post talking about how guns other than CA and TM are no good and that made me worry that my purchase was a bad idea. How long will this gun last me?

Also, do mid caps break easily or should I not worry about that (I'm not going to be doing anything extreme to my equipment, just worrying about wear and tear)?

Do full seal goggles break easily? I've already been shot in the goggle once and was immediately scared it would crack, those bb's make a hella loud noise on impact.

Whats the difference between a plate carrier and tactical vest? Which should I go for?

What are the absolute must-haves for a chest rig? I'm assuming mag pouches and a dump pouch are in that list, right?

I currently have gloves with no protective materials on them, theyre just gloves. After being shot in the hand several times I realized that I need to get better ones. What would you guys recommend? I have been shot in the joint on the pinky and middle finger and it hurts like a bitch so simple knuckles guards wouldn't suffice for me, it would have to be full finger protection.

I'm using the reflex sight with the 4 reticles and it changes from red to green dot colour, I'm certain you guys know what I'm talking about. Is that compatible with a flip-up scope? Also, my sight protector was shot twice in the corner and the corner broke off. The sight itself is not exposed at all but there is a crack running from the bottom corner up to the middle of the protector. Should I replace the protector asap or is it still usable?

Please answer whichever questions you can in as much detail as you can, I would really like to buy smart even if it's expensive instead of buying twice and wasting money

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