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@ augherk: thanks for the PM with detailed online retailer contact info. And yes, plastic slide.
@ Danke: re. Zeke slides. Holy jeez, that's worth more than the gun! But very nice.
@ shelcoof: I will in fact try that suggestion; stay tuned.
@ localfreerider & shelcoof: indeed, my online searches raise more quenstions than they answer when it comes to pre- or non- NS2 \ system 7 versions.
@DipTwit: I was using the term "followers" from page 13 of this manual > > , and take a look at attached pictures of my mag(s, all 4 the same); no lock, no follower lock. Is that more clear? If it is, and you have seen mine, shoudl I still proceed with your suggestion of removing the bottom and checking the spring(s)?
@Slodin: sound theory, gotta try with all 4 mags, so far have been only testing with two. Excellent points.

Thanks everyone for taking the time. You all rock.
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