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Originally Posted by double-0-newb View Post

Purchased used from another ASC member last year, non-NS2 version; mags (4) do not have follower. I hope that is specific enough.
Gun cycles as it should, and fires (really well!) without issue.

Question 1: Is the slide supposed to lock back on the last BB being fired, or not?

Question 2: Is one way to test is by inserting an mag full of gas but with no BBs inserted, and fire once; will the slide not lock back on that first shot? Tests with both BBs and dry-firing result in same non lock-back state.

Possible contributing factor: the slide catch lever, both the one that came with the gun and a brand-new one falls out of the gun when racking the slide (you have to be holding the gun with it's left side (port side) horizontal to the ground ie. the side of the gun with the slide catch lever needs to be facing the ground.) If holding the gun in the shooting position, ie sights-side up, the slide catch lever does not fall out.
I suspect that the notch in the slide meant to be caught by the slide catch lever is worn out\damaged <pics attached>.
The local retailer, who I have no reason not to trust, got me the replacement slide catch lever after inspecting the gun and being shown the slide catch lever issue.

Your thoughts on the lock-back-on-last-shot question are most appreciated.
If you want to venture an opinion on the slide catch lever issue I would be most grateful.


I had a pistol that doesn't lock back but it's suppose to. I had 6 mags to play around with (because it was the same pistol as my friends).

result was 5 lock back, 1 doesn't. it was because the notch on the mag is worn badly so it won't lock.

btw dry fire would result in lock back

so either your mags are worn, or the slide is worn? thats my guess...
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