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Originally Posted by Cliffradical View Post
These guys taught me honor, respect, The only way to ensure that your preferred game type persists is by nourishing it;

-Send out feelers:
Find younger players caught in the middle of the shitshow and fucking help them
-Don't shit on other groups:
If they play a different style, play to their rules on their turf (protect yourself accordingly), and make sure they know your rules up front when they come to your house.
-Distance yourself from the general public, but know that they're your recruiting pool:
'Nuff said.
-Shit or get off the pot:
If people want to leave because no one will enforce the rules they like, they divest themselves of all responsibility, and can be mourned for their loss but ultimately ignored.
Hard fact to swallow, but really.
-Crossover is good:
Throwing yourself into a completely alien situation is great for the brain. When you make strong connections with differing groups/ play styles you grant each group mutual understanding, while breaking down barriers that might otherwise keep you from realizing that the "other guy" and his buddies are pretty much just like you. Your whole club doesn't have to do this, but the willing should be sacrificed for the Common Good.

As hard as we all might like to think we are as Jocknerds/ Nerdjocks (or actually hard in the case of Mil/ LEO), we're all just big, slobbering dorks in the end. I think acceptance of that fact will do us, as Airsofters, the best service in the end.
This IMHO is the most constructive intervention in this thread (thread which seems to pop-up every year or so since I signed in on ASC.
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