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If you're buying a CYMA AK, make sure it's a CM042 or above. The reason I say this is that CYMAs used to be built with junk zinc metal bodies that would break WAY TOO easily. They were good internally, but if you were too rough with it or even just dropped it from high enough, the body would break.

The CYMA +CM042 models are solid builds and will feel a bit bigger than the Real Sword you held because they are slightly oversized from the real steel. Real Sword AEGs are 1:1 with their real steel counterpart. CYMAs shouldn't be as heavy as the LCT either, so they might be a nice balance for you. You can use the stock battery they come with, but I would highly recommend using a more reputable battery and charger. Often times, airsoft guns that come with batteries, even the higher end brands, come with junk batteries and chargers. It's a cost saving measure for them because they sell these "complete" packages, but they always cut costs on the batteries.

Internally, you won't find a better stock gun than a newer CYMA for the price point. Their gearboxes are almost bullet proof and will only give you trouble if you're unlucky enough to get a lemon or if you hook up a monsterous battery and just make it self destruct. Sometimes, you get a lemon with a CYMA, but most Canadian retailers will check out their stock to make sure they don't sell a dud. And if they do, most will give you a full refund anyways or a full replacement.

Since you're just starting out, CYMAs are an awesome bet.

In response to your other question, an AK-47 style AEG will be slightly smaller than the AK-74 because it doesn't have the huge muzzle break on the end. The only real difference between them is style and length, as internally they both use an AK style type 3 gearbox and hop up and a 455mm inner barrel. Some of the AK-74s will come with a longer 469mm inner barrel because the longer muzzle break can hide a longer barrel, but usually they are identical to an AK-47 style AEG. The slightly longer inner barrel might equate to a marginally better shot, but a properly tuned 455mm inner barrel set up can perform equally as well as a 469mm inner barrel set up. You might see a difference by a few FPS, but properly tuned, both should give you the same size groupings.

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