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For sure, we're working to achieve good range and accuracy without boosting FPS. 450 (on .2s) is the highest we go.

When I mentioned my FPS increasing 100 after putting a tbb in, I was actually annoyed. The barrel quality is much better than the original, but the FPS increase is a bit of pain (regarding safety). Luckily it's adjustable.

Did some experimenting and while I could reach out far with the FPS set over 500, it just isn't worth it to me as I know with a good hopup, bucking, barrel, etc., I could achieve such distances with a much lower, safer FPS.

And totally know what you mean regarding high FPS vs a finely tuned gun. I'd rather have a good hopup, bucking, bb weight, barrel, etc., and achieve better performance without having high, unsafe--well, that depends on MSED and responsibility of the player--FPS.

I suppose higher FPS could give a slight speed advantage (with the right bb weight of course). But that depends on many things as well.

Anyway, we really do try to be as safe as we can, mostly just interested in how people felt about the BB Bastard Guide and whether the MSEDs were appropriate.

Oh, and when I mention DMR--I might be using the term wrong--I just mean we're working on getting our guns to perform as best they can. To me, that means getting them firing as far and accurately as possible without high FPS. Also, a lower FPS certainly helps with efficiency by saving gas for more shots and consistent pressure.

Now, being responsible (e.g., MSEDs), having a well tuned gun (hopup, bucking, etc.), and a higher FPS can indeed be beneficial, but again, we're not in this sport to hurt each other! We draw the limit, we don't all want sniper MSEDs! ...Yet...

Thanks for replying.

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