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BB Bastard Universal MSED a good guide?

Hello all,

Did a bit of research on this, but I'm not quite satisfied. Would like to hear some opinions. I'd like to know if people here think this guide (link below) regarding minimum safe engagement distances is safe/accurate--a good guide to go by.

Here's the link:

I play with a small group of friends on a private farm in the country (lots of private land, away from roads, etc.) and we use this guide for our own MSEDs.

We're a small group, wear proper face gear, and play responsibly. We mostly play with pistols and aegs that max out around 400FPS (on .2s).

Reason I'm bring this up is because some of us wouldn't mind using some DMR (well, attempted DMR) builds that reach up to 500FPS on .2s (would be using .3s). EDIT - I say reach up to 500fps, we have it set lower however.

This guide indicates 60ft should be an adequate MSED for that kind of power. Any thoughts or things I might be missing? The BB can't accelerate beyond the speed it's travelling after it leaves the barrel I assume?

Thanks for any tips, tricks, and advice!

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