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Just shot through half of a high cap.
Still doing some minor adjustments on the sight since it seems to be shooting a bit low and to the right from 10m out, but this will have to wait until the morning since it is a loud gun. Went through a hiccup or two though where it seemingly fired on full auto for around a 3-round burst even though it was set to semi....think I just dry fired at that point since the cap refused to push up any more BBs since it was low.

But overall, I love this rifle. Even though it's a sportsline model, still a lot of metal to it and feels very durable and sturdy (Ken from Mach1 even said that some people feel that it's too heavy, hah).

And on an odd note, somehow, there is a short hair inside of my unopened bottle of EF .25 BBs, bonus!

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