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Originally Posted by Estrela View Post
Thanks juke16 some helpful replies. That was another question about the rusting. If you play outdoors do metal guns rust and what can be done to prevent this?

I saw a youtube video where they basically were all over E&L and against the LCT because of wobble etc and it made me think. I found an E&L for 600 and a real sword for 600 so i would have gone for that but a bit out of budget. Cant wait for age verify!! I want to get a gun but would like to see classified.
Realsword includes oil for you to regularly oil your steel parts. As well, metallurgy for Realswords seems to be better than E&Ls as I'm guessing the humid and salty air in Hong Kong aided in corroding their internals, leading to their failure.

Technically speaking though, rust and corrosion won't matter too much if you don't mind your externals getting slightly weathered, most of the internal parts are made out of alloys so it shouldn't matter too much.

$600 for a Realsword is not bad at all considering Ehobby sells them for almost $500 USD, wouldn't pay the same price for an E&L though as they sell for significantly less overseas and aren't on the same level of quality.
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