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I have a CYMA MP5 and P90. Both batteries conditioned (10 cycles) and tested well using the BC6DX-II and CBA III system. That is, at a 1a discharge rate and .9v cutoff both were just shy of the stated capacity.

On the other hand, a JG bundled battery started at 100 then 300 and finally 600mAh which was only just over half the stated capacity. Having said that, these results are likely not achievable with the included charger but just wanted to throw out there the two CYMA batts I got were not "that crappy".
They are what they are. Semi crappy semi dated technology. Old school chargers on old school chemistry. Couple that with a brand like Echo1. These days a similar (or in some cases same/rebranded) gun can be had for nearly half the cost when you buy the original, let's say a JG in the case of a lot of Echo1 AR's.
So in turn an Echo1 will likely sit on the shelf a lot longer than a cyma or JG or other more budget minded brand that likely sells a lot more product to the entry level buyer or vet looking for a beater gun.
That being said a new user doesn't likely have a charger capable of conditioning a battery like that and these days the best recommendation is to buy a 7.2v lipo and a balance charger and call it a day. Even if you buy a half decent charger and 2 batteries it'll cost the same as buying 1 or 2 decent nicad batts and they are going to be lighter and run the gun with a little more zip in the trigger response too.
You can buy a lipo and a cheap balance charger for under 40 bucks if you look around. You can also buy lipos super cheap at hobbyking.
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