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Originally Posted by Estrela View Post
also, is the echo1 red star AKM any good? sorry for multiple q's

oh canada.
If you want a really nice piece, stick with LCT. Since you're not age verfied, I would assume you don't have much experience tinkering (I don't mean any offense, just assuming), so LCTs are the easiest to disassemble if you need to fix something in the gearbox or want to "tacticool" your AK. That being said, their gearboxes aren't the most forgiving and can be a mongrel to work with if you're just starting out.

The steel bodied CYMAs and DBoys are great entry level AKs. Make sure they are the steel bodied models though by putting a magnet to them. Both of their gearboxes are a bit less particular about what you put in them and the externals can stand up to a fair bit of punishment.

Echo1 guns are not worth the mark up in price if you're ultimately looking to get out on the field and upgrade your AEG in a few months. They do do a quality check on the AEGs that they rebrand and do fix some things, but it's unnecessary as long as you buy an AEG from a local retailer because most retailers intend on keeping in business and will help make sure that you don't get a lemon.

If your toss up is between the big boys (LCT, Real Sword and E&L), then LCT gets my vote. Real Sword is AWESOME, but if you're a purist, they only build Chinese style AKs. E&L is awesome externally too and makes their models look like real steel Polish AKs, but their internals are not as nice as the LCTs and they are harder to take apart if you want to "tacticool".

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