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Also Cymas come with a charger and battery, not that most people recommend using them, but it's nice they give that to you to get you going.

I have a CYMA MP5 and P90. Both batteries conditioned (10 cycles) and tested well using the BC6DX-II and CBA III system. That is, at a 1a discharge rate and .9v cutoff both were just shy of the stated capacity.

On the other hand, a JG bundled battery started at 100 then 300 and finally 600mAh which was only just over half the stated capacity. Having said that, these results are likely not achievable with the included charger but just wanted to throw out there the two CYMA batts I got were not "that crappy".
"...However, if preserving the integrity of the gun was the only factor at play then clearly the best option would be to run a 0.0v Lipo and run around shouting 'bang'."
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