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People keep saying COD but I actually don't know what that means. Is that like paintball's run-and-gun tactics?
I believe that COD refers to Call Of Duty... a popular video game franchise which is based more on a run and gun style of play as opposed to something requiring more patience and team work. I've been playing FPS (first person shooter) games since 2000 and COD is probably one of the worst games in the genre. It is NOT a one shot one kill type game which is why COD gamers tend to spray rounds ,which is why the players that have the mindset of full auto your opponent in airsoft are labeled as COD type players.

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Some of you are saying that people wouldn't join an association and I'm saying, "who cares?". Those that don't join the organized association don't play with them, nor can you attend one of their events. So this gives experienced players and driven new players a place and/or events to play at, without all the willy-nilly players or crappy attitude players. You'd have to register with them to get the benefits, making it easier to track problem players.

Once this gains traction over time and could prove stability, it would attract more and more players. At least in theory. You'd never, ever, ever know for certain if it would work, but it would certainly be worth the try.
See below

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IMHO what more areas/cities need are player-driven organizations to organize events, clamp down on "problem players", mentor new players, and actively promote the positive growth of the sport.

That's what we're doing in Edmonton;

By replacing the defunct "Edmonton Airsoft Regiment" community with a private club instead, we're making great strides towards building a core of players who are the "movers and shakers". We're getting game organizers together to ensure that games aren't scheduled over top of each other, we've gotten retailers onboard to provide benefits, and we're even working towards holding an "Edmonton Airsoft Expo" in the spring.

It's easy to bitch and moan about new players having no respect or honour; if that is the case where you are organize the established players and start to do something about it.
Just to clarify though, this isn't like an invite only private club... anyone can join but it does involve a membership fee which will be used to further the clubs goals. There will be elections next year for the 2017 governing body.

The main thing was to bring organization to the sport in Edmonton and help teach the next generation... in the end, if required, would be able to enforce club rules at club events.

Keep in mind that I've been playing for 2 years so I guess you could say I am the "next generation" even if I am over 35 (no I won't tell you how much over ).

I have read every post on here and I honestly can't say anyone is wrong.... everyone has their own viewpoint because everyone plays for different reasons, have different incomes, different life situations... etc. Sure I know the guys that have upwards of $10K invested and others that rent and play in hoodies... I get along with them all. Don't judge lest you be judged. I have been accused of being a cheater more often by guys in "leet" looking gear that couldn't hit the side of a barn than I have by new players.

Honour and Respect... that's hard... can you teach it? Definitely. But, as a father I will tell you that the time to teach it is way before you'll ever see them on an airsoft field... Not saying that it can't be learned later in life, just that basic codes like that are typically taught at a much younger age. It's not a skill, it's a mindset, a way of life. Some have it, some don't.

So I see this less as a discussion about honour and respect, it's more one of dealing with those that don't have it. When I started playing I gravitated to playing with those with a mindset like mine. If my first foray had been with cheaters I would have left them. Also, many younger players have something to prove. This is not just a stereotype, we all know what social pressure was like in high school. While never having been bullied I have had friends that were, the mindset that leads to that sort of behavior again, was set at a much younger age. Sense of entitlement is the same, my kids earn everything they want.... there is no value to getting something for free. In the end, what we are discussing is enforcing our micro-societal morals/values on those that do not have those same morals/values by using a set of rules to protect the common good. The ONLY way that works is joint effort.
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