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If you are new...just don't...
I actually been watching prices for a while to sorta know what is a good buy for the price.

however, the conditions of a airsoft gun is too hard to tell unless you open it up, which is impossible at a meet up. You can test fire a mag of semi and full auto, but it doesn't tell you anything beyond: "this gun shoots". Since you don't know how worn the gears and internal parts are, if hopup is bad and long list of things...

I buy my used airsoft guns at cheap cheap prices, so I don't care if it breaks, I can just replace the most I make sure the gearbox is not broken, which 99% of the time is fine...

PS: most guns I buy are titled no problems, but THEY almost always have problems. I don't do much buying on this forum tho, the prices are so ridiculous for a used gun sometimes...although at times there are good deals..
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