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If you haven't played a game yet, I'd consider renting a gun to see if you actually like it. If you do, and you want a budget gun, the CM16 is/was the go to gun for beginners. It is inexpensive, so if it breaks or if you find airsoft isn't for you, you minimize your loss. If you know you really like it and will be playing a lot, then maybe you could save some money and buy a higher end gun like Gato said.

Now I'm not a tech, but $50 for a spring change seems a bit high to me... You can buy a spring new for $15 or so... It's a very simple mid that I don't think is worth $35. Just do it yourself.

Remember to not limit yourself to one retailer. There are 3 good retailers in the GTA you can look at with different stock. Right now, Mach1 Airsoft in Toronto is having a %40 sale in a lot of their ICS guns. I would highly suggest you check it out. ICS makes some great guns, and you'll be able to snag some $350+ guns for about $225.
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