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Originally Posted by Estrela View Post

I am new to airsoft and wondering if it is useful to buy a sidearm pistol or just stick to an AEG gun for now?
Depends where and what you play. If you play CQB you can get away with a pistol, but mags cost you a bit and gbb's are more maintence.

AEG's can last you a long time.

After reading some, it seems like the AEG's have enough ammo to usually make it through a round and I am just wondering if the pistol is also completely necessary.
AEG's have low, mid, high caps 30-500 rounds, so yes, you do the math. Pistols are not necessary.

I have put my age verification in but it is not allowing me to view classified forums yet, I assume it takes a while?
Yes, voluntary service, could take 1 day - 1 month.

A buddy offered his 9mm berreta by IA for 100$, is this a good deal if I absolutely need to buy a sidearm?
No, just save up a bit more $50-100 for a WE G17 or KJW, better yet, get an AEG.
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