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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post

Some of you are saying that people wouldn't join an association and I'm saying, "who cares?". Those that don't join the organized association don't play with them, nor can you attend one of their events. So this gives experienced players and driven new players a place and/or events to play at, without all the willy-nilly players or crappy attitude players. You'd have to register with them to get the benefits, making it easier to track problem players.

Once this gains traction over time and could prove stability, it would attract more and more players. At least in theory. You'd never, ever, ever know for certain if it would work, but it would certainly be worth the try.
You need to get a lot of buy in from all the fields. If each field is doing their own thing or feel that lowering the bar draws bigger crowds then it doesn't work. And you end up with what is currently happening.

The UK model works, somewhat, cause you have to be a member of a field or you can't get good guns. The fields all run a similar model, but there are still the same problems we have here, just look at some of the videos.

I love the idea of helping to raise up the next gen of Airsofters, but you also need a willing group (like TheShaneler said) or it gets very tiresome.
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