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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I have to disagree a little Aper. I think that there are more and more public games, in some areas becoming the main, or only outlet for airsoft, becoming a problem due to lack of control. I'm sure the old guard is doing more 'invite only' events, but that's not a new thing. Other than that I'm pretty much in full agreement.

Once again though, unless we create some sort of association, that is built very strictly on a simple code, so we can bring in new players directly into teams, groups, or factions, thereby separating out players who want to play organized and honorable, then we'll never stop the rising of the tide. There's a whole whack load of new players out there, some of whom will be outstanding, and will be airsoft's positive future. So the weekend warrior types can go to public events, or whatever they want to do, players who want to step up must first travel through a filter, and then the idiots can be mostly weeded out. It's not perfect, but standing back watching and complaining isn't gonna change it. When was the last time you guys went on a huge recruitment spree for your group and then spent time mentoring?
As for public games being less common, I was talking about old players and old school hosts tending to make more private games than public ones.

But yet with the massive poll of new players, brings new hosts and new private venues, which leads to more public games in this case, and you are correct.

Even with an ''association'', there's too many players out there being independant and only playing on weekends to give a damn about such an association. The idea would've been good back in the early 2000's, but today player control for such a project is nearly impossible to keep track.

Veteran players with 10+ years in airsoft are getting out of airsoft more and more and/or and playing very few good listed games per year; Real Steel conversion, having kids now, having other hobbies, ect ect. Old blood being replaced with new blood without the proper teaching of old values we used to have and preach back then leads to new players being clueless about the real brotherhood and comradery we had when we, old players, used to live with. Having less veteran players means having less icons for the sport to teach newcomers the basics.

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