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Nope! Totally missed all points everywhere, on everything...

ASC is good for some things, but I'm talking about on the ground. Places to play, fields, teams, groups, etc. making something to join with a more specific goal, other than just buying a gun and playing. You wouldn't just be joining the association, you'd be joining a team or group within. Basic code of conduct would be all that is necessary to enforce within the association. Beyond that, rules would be up to the fields or hosts as always. Everyone on fields right now are anonymous from each other. There's enough people doing their own thing, lacking mentoring, or just don't know to destroy any sense of community, hence the current situation everyone is discussing. I'm not even claiming it would work, but pointing it out or doing nothing sure won't make a difference.

Now, investment certainly will have an impact on the general person, but that's no longer an option. At least about cost or where you play. Time isn't turning backwards and shit is becoming cheaper and easier to find, not less. We need to create investment and mentoring, or else nothing changes.

ASC's AV system is intelligent but not perfect, as it's always been. It's about making a safer community for everyone and overall accountability. We are putting new systems in place right now to up efficiency, but players who don't want to put in the effort may join smaller hubs for ease and convenience. We can't stop them from doing this, nor can we stop other groups from cropping up. What we can do is hold the line on being effective and hopefully be effective and relevant when shit changes again. But to give up or dump effort will certainly waste future impact opportunities. ASC is still growing and it does work. Time will tell.

Brian, myself and a few others have had similar chats before, and as I've mentioned earlier in this thread, groups that want completely different things in airsoft don't often get along. They are pulling it in different directions, while sharing space. Eventually there will be a schism, but not until appropriate options become available. For instance; Brian runs and hosts WWII themed games and events. By doing this he has created an outlet for the specific demographics interested in such airsoft styles. What I'm saying is what appears to be the 'bulk' of Airsoft, which is some version of modern warfare, which could be COD wannabe or competitive tactical and everything in between, could have more specialized outlets instead of annoying each other. But instead of making it an us or them situation, what if they had their type of airsoft being offered in an organized and rule enforced environment? Exactly what you want, but where a like minded community, who does not tolerate a few certain behaviours, build a more organized community.

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