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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I have to disagree a little Aper. I think that there are more and more public games, in some areas becoming the main, or only outlet for airsoft, becoming a problem due to lack of control. I'm sure the old guard is doing more 'invite only' events, but that's not a new thing. Other than that I'm pretty much in full agreement.
That's exactly what Aper is talking about; money was the control. If you didn't have any, then you had to beg, borrow or rent kit from other people. This caused you to place a heavy investment of time and effort to getting into the sport.

Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Once again though, unless we create some sort of association, that is built very strictly on a simple code, so we can bring in new players directly into teams, groups, or factions, thereby separating out players who want to play organized and honorable, then we'll never stop the rising of the tide.
The "association" was called ASC. If you were not a member on ASC with an AV status, you were gonna have a very hard time getting into the sport. There were some dealers that did deal publicly to some levels back in the day ((the only surviving one I can think of is 007, many have come and gone)). Or you hit up the classifieds to get in on orders for new and used kit there. That need to have AV put a strain on the ASC users that contributed to this and many slowed down or stopped out right being involved as complaints of the time it took for this system to ensure players were of legal age to purchase goods. Eventually people didn't want to be bothered with the negatives of ALWAYS being asked to meet for coffee.

Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
I think it's less of a governing body and more of a visible outlet to show new players what's out there. Not just that, but a place where teams can grow and actively recruit. If players just think, "hey, I'm gonna go get into airsoft.", then they simply exist in the system. If however, after they join, they see there's a place to unlock more friends, teams and events, they may go seeking mentoring and opportunity.
Wait, what? I'm confused, you want what now?

There have and always will be players who think "just gonna get into airsoft" and nothing comes of it. But there has always been a wealth of knowledge available to new players online since forever. ASC is not the only gig in town for forums; there are plenty of others out there, but then generally refer to specific fields or regions. There have been attempts to make other "cross country" boards, but this one has remained mostly because it was so critical to airsofts very existence in Canada back in the day; that everyone across the nation got accounts here.

ASC is the one that came along with the AV; motivated by curbing negative public views. Are you going to say you would do away with this "governing rule?"

Through out the thread you've called for attention to head shots, FPS/Joule regulations, etc etc. But now you want to have less governing across the board? And I high lighted some of your comments in the prior post about wanting to form some sort of "association" that would strictly enforce a code ((of conduct I assume)), that would separate players whom do not conform said code. Unless there's a missing piece here, those statements are just at total odds with each other.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
One of the reasons I have changed my focus to WWII events is there is never any questions regarding the motivation of participants. Also the cost to get involved is high enough that it eliminates the mag ticklers.

That said I had a really good time at this year's Nightfall event, event though it is pretty much exactly the opposite to the games I prefer.
This is exactly what I was talking about. If you dump a lot of time, money and effort into achieving something; you're not going to just piss away all that commitment for a bad war story. And that mentality will carry over to the games that are less strict and more loose fun.

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