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Originally Posted by Grudge View Post
The MAA tried that. Now its dead. ;\ LOL.
The MAA failed because it was trying to control too many aspects of airsoft.

Association or not doesnt actually matter. The only thing that matters is whos training the new guys.
You can have all the rules and mandates and regulations you want posted on the interwebs, but at the end of the day if you have a fucktard training new guys, then the new guys will be fucktards.

Teams can fund their own fields through ops. Standardized rule sets can be set through popular clubs. Culture can be established through socialization. Airsoft doesnt require a governing council in order to function and grow. Not that it will never work, but it hasnt worked so far.

Rules and regs are not substitute for actual leadership.
You get people out to noob days, teach them how to be GOOD AIRSOFTERS, and then you can train them how to play the game your way.
I know this is hard for milsim players to understand, but can play airsoft any way you like; scrims, ops, fucking soccer, full on hardcore sit-and-wait-for-8-hours milsim, but there are two major aspects that apply to every style of airsoft:
-call your hits
-and dont be a fucking asshat.

Everything else is up to the host or community.

Beer leagues and social get together leagues are fun to play in, but have nothing to do with the NHL, NFL, MLB, whatever.
Its not about governance or association, its about community .
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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
i never understood why the oil refinery had a brothel... i never see them at the refineries i work at this is bull!

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