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Honor and Respect is still being preached by old-timers like myself who started playing in the early 2000s when the sport wasn't popular, and access to airsoft guns was nearly impossible unless being on ASC and going through Tru. Airsoft was expensive, yet only people having jobs and cars to drive to the few venues we had back then were eligible to play airsoft.

Back then, we had a brotherhood, knew each and every person that was attending a game, and was way more than a simple nametag on a combat shirt or vest. The community was very small, and it was very easy to spot and to ban those newcomer assholes that cheated and acted like douchebags. The control was made very easier than today.

In 2015, with the social medias being the #1 source for everything and airsoft guns being sold virtually everywhere today, making a step in the sport became a lot more easier, as the poll of players expanded a lot throughout the past few years and people don't need ASC anymore to get things started.

New players / Kids don't give a shit about honor and respect anymore, because regardless if they get banned at a field, they'll find another group of players to play at another venue on Facebook.

It's the sad truth, but this is the main reason why you don't see a lot of ''public'' games anymore and more and more hosts tend to make more private games with players they know and trust. I tend to also believe than big scale public games aren't created to give a second breathe to airsoft, but to make more and more money on everyone's back due to the sport's popularity.

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