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Smith OTW turbo fan doesent fit.

Hey guys. I am new to airsoft and am doing research while slowly acquiring the basics I need to play. Not wanting to cheap out on protection I bought a pair of Smith OTW turbo fan goggles from buyairsoft. The problem is they don't fit.

The goggles when put on and tightened lift up around the bridge of my nose and forehead area. The gap between the goggle and my face is enough to get my pinkie in there with relative ease. I have tried various strap lengths and there is always at least a bit of a gap in either my forehead or nose area. I know these goggles come with Asian fit styles but buyairsoft does not specify which style they sell so I (stupidly) assumed it would be regular fit (I am central European descent). If I pull the lens out they fit perfectly and feel like the lens needs to be flattened just a bit to fit nice.

How likely is it that I got an Asian fit goggle by accident? How can I tell/what are the differences between the two fit styles.

Is there anything I can do to modify these goggles to fit without compromising their protective integrity? Would gently clamping the lens and slowly heating them work?

I heard the goggles are supposed to work with a helmet, is this issue caused by me not wearing a helmet if the goggles are meant for the wider profile of headgear? If so what do you recommend I do? I prefer to spend money elsewhere first as helmet is not high on to buy list.

Should I maybe accept that I am stupid to buy online without trying on first (007 airsoft was sold out of ALL eye protection) and hand it over to my girlfriend? They fit her surprisingly well considering her small size.

Many thanks for any help you can provide.
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