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Originally Posted by Kelseamac View Post
How well would the TM G17 perform in 1-5°C, and if it doesn't work would a Co2 pistol perform better?
If you shoot slowly and you keep your mags in a warm area, such as inside your coat/BDU, it will be fine. Don't expect to be able to quickly dump a whole mag though, it will cool down too much and dump all the gas in one go. Your FPS/joules will also go down. CO2 is better in the cold, but it will eventually suffer from the cool down effect too. The best pistols in the cold are either non-blowback (NBB) pistols such as the TM MK23 or AEP pistols (non-blowback, electric, low power ~220fps). KJW has come out with a CO2 NBB MKII pistol, it should work very well in the cold. It has a hard trigger pull though.

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