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I'll add that an experienced player can make a shitty gun work, because they'll adjust their game to the gun's limitations.

So, agreed upon bullet points (ha) that stand out here:

-There is an emergent culture of "Fuck you, got mine" style narcissistic attitude that has always been around, but is gaining numbers with an influx of new players (young, and old)

-There are differences between clubs and regions which are totally okay, but need to be better understood

-There is a marked decline in the population of OG players, exacerbating the two above problems

-These things can largely be mitigated through education and cooperation, but how do we find the ones who [i] want [/] to be educated and get them the attention they need?

-Persuant to that point, what can be done to recycle repentant offenders back into the community so they don't continue to splinter off and cause headaches?
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