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I don't think that it's younger, though experience and maturity mostly help, but newer is definitely a catalyst. Some players though, such as the guy you describe, are just dickwads. If an entire legion of spec-ops trained, best equipment in the world, furthest shooting guns, armed with thermal imaging and motion capture sights, want to show up and thrash everyone, all the power to them. Always push for people to step up and buck up, never, and I mean never, handicap someone to compensate for laziness, inability, or lack of budget. I understand if you can't afford to play at that level, but that's your problem to solve.

Although skill is definately your go to dynamic for success, there are so many variables in airsoft to hang on skill alone. Each piece can play a part. Things like weapon effectiveness, training, comms, team work, imaging (thermal and night vision), weapons, camo, athleticism, even footwear can have a massive impact. And no matter how good you are, one or more of these dynamics done right can obliterate skill on its own. Some players have all of these tools to wield. Some players only make 'X', but make airsoft a priority and will spend more on their gear, some guys make way more, but cannot condone spending more than $500 total into the sport. But then there's players who'll spend more than $500 on one set of footwear alone. People try and pretend like it doesn't make a difference, but a player who's properly hydrated, gear is weight distributed, gun is better performing and feet are comfortable is tough to conquer with will alone. Now give that guy effective comms and a team of like minded, like geared team mates and the difficulty is exponential. It all plays a part.

One issue I'm noticing is the increasing FPS to accommodate crappy guns, or to create unneeded weapon classes. Also things like temperature swing and joule creep play a huge factor as well. There are fields who have a DMR class of 450 FPS, chrono GBBRs and Polar Stars with a 0.20g round and that's that. So now take one of those platforms, throw in a heavier weight BB, add 20 - 30 FPS throughout the day from temperature swing and joule creep and you've got a ridiculously hot gun. I'm finding this more and more becoming an issue.

FPS and Joule limits must be in stone and the same for everyone, period. No special consideration for any gun types, each player must be 100% responsible for their weapons being within the limits at all times. So if your limit is say 400 with 0.20g, which is about 1.48 joules, then that is that period. Once your gun is chronographed in the morning, it must not be capable of going over that 1.48 joule mark all day, wether it's from joule creep, changing BB weights, or temperature. If your gun suffers from any of these, you have to account for it and have it adjusted pre chrono. If that means your platform needs to be at 300 FPS with a 0.20g for chrono, than so be it.

It drives me crazy when fields have super high FPS classes. In most cases the gun doesn't even shoot much further and still isn't competing with the top tiered guns and upgrades platforms, it just shoots hotter now. So stupid.

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